There are currently twenty-three Heroes in George of the Ancients, spread across four factions: The League of Bearded Gentlemen, The Tomspyk Crew, Jarrett's Brigade and the Mathymatrin Coven. Each hero is unique, each with their own theme and specialities that makes them stand out. For this reason, there is a hero to appeal to all playstyles, whether it is a serious or lulz-based approach.

List of HeroesEdit

Image Name Faction Attribute Attack Role Description
Adam Adam Crew Icon Agi selected Melee Carry
File:Ben.png Ben Brigade Icon Agi selected Ranged
File:Bollie.png Bollie Brigade Icon Agi selected Melee
Dillon Dillon League Icon Int selected Ranged




Dillon, the Bringer of the Beard, is a mysterious tinkerer who makes up for his small stature by using his exceptional mechanical skill: he crafts everything from intricate automatons to his famed mech suit, which hides plenty of tricks and traps. Dillon is also well respected among his companions in the Underground, and many people seek his sage-like advice.
Dryor Coven Icon Int selected Dryor, the Sage of Stability, is one of the Mathymatrin - an ancient group of elite magicians who use their powers for neither good nor evil, merely for the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Dryor is most well-known for his inherent connection with all bridges, a result of his intense and endless research, and can manipulate them to aid his allies and hinder his enemies.
Elliot Elliot League Icon Str selected Melee



Elliot, Harbinger of Rage, is a man feared throughout Pelinor and most likely the entirety of the Realm. He is famed for his brutal rage that is nearly impossible to detect until it is too late. There are very few things that do not trigger this rage, and once it begins Elliot is very hard to placate. Fortunately, he often uses this rage for noble purposes fighting alongside the other members of the League.
File:Ethan.png Ethan Crew Icon Int selected
Gabhood Gabhood Brigade Icon Int selected Ranged

Gabhood, Explorer of the Void, is Jarrett's closest ally in the cuthroat world of the Nine Realms. He has the unique ability to freely wander throughout the Void that connects all times and places, and thanks to this prolonged exposure he can even negate Quentyn's Paradox, interacting with and fighting alongside past and future versions of himself without any harful side effects.

George George League Icon Int selected Ranged




George, the Lord of the Realm, ventures into battle shooting lots of lasers in a variety of psychadelic colours at his enemies. Many years of training under the High Lord Jarrett has made George incredibly perceptive of reality's twists and folds, but his forte is manipulating the world's energies to aid his friends and hinder his enemies. And while he's out of the fray, George's plays the Game of Lulz with his rivals all over the Nine Realms, and exchanges insults with the rebellious town of Tomspyk.

Gibby Coven Icon Int selected
Jacob Federation Icon Int selected
Jake Jake League Icon Agi selected Melee


Lane Support

Jake, the Punslinger, is an
James James Crew Icon Str selected Melee
Jamie Jamie Crew Icon Int selected Melee Jamie, Hero of the Ages, is a revered figure in the town of Tomspyk. He is purportedly a new incarnation of the legendary hero Wraethal, who once protected the Realm from the evils of the Lords. While Jamie himself does not believe this, he is quite content to keep up the facade, as he has his own score to settle with the Lord. Entering battle armed with his reputable intellect and enchanted sword, Jamie is a formidable foe, regardless of his apparent destiny.
Jarrett Jarrett Brigade Icon Int selected Melee Carry Jarrett, the High Lord of the Nine Realms, is a mystery to all that fight in the Wars of Temm Spekk, even his closest allies. His powers far transcend any other being in existence, and yet he never seems to show it. Instead, Jarrett waits in the shadows, observing the world as it morphs around him. But when he finally does stride into battle he does so with an aura of such crippling fear that his enemies are powerless to fight back - making them easy targets for Jarrett to destroy them.
File:Joby.png Joby Brigade Icon Int selected
Lewis Lewis League Icon Int selected Ranged


Lane Support

Lewis, the High Scholar of Faggotry, is George's trusted advisor, but he is not someone to be taken lightly on his own. A mishap during his youth means that Lewis can tamper with space, creating magickal wormholes or transport foes great distances before utterly crushing them. When he's not playing with the dimensions, Lewis is a cynical yet surprisingly effective scholar, without whom George would not have succeeded.
The Matthews

The Matthews

Brigade Icon Agi selected Strange beings from another dimension, the Matthews are actually a collective consciousness that manifests itself as two individuals. After encountering Jarrett on one of their dimensional jaunts, the Matthews became close friends with the High Lord, and soon their ridiculous pedal car became a common sight in Acrylion. Despite their apparent harmlessness, the Matthews are a foe to be reckoned with should they be angered.
Owen Owen League Icon Agi selected Melee




Owen, the Welshman, is a mysterious foreigner who arrived in Pelinor to add new lands to the Welsh empire. Once he arrived, he quickly became entangled in the intrigues of George's court and his Welsh abilities granted him a place in the League of Bearded Gentlemen. Rarely seen without his army of sheep, Owen confuses both enemy and ally alike with his calm disposition and ruthless efficiency.
Pizza Hut Lady Unaffiliated Icon Agi selected
Pell Pell League Icon Agi selected Melee


Pell, the Enigmatic Fool, may appear to be a complete retard, but this is actually a facade: inside Pell is a devious manipulator, and an excellent spy. Rather than directly attacking his foes, he uses subterfuge to sneak deep behind enemy lines before making his move. Pell can easily take on the appearance of anyone he meets, and uses this to great effect, confusing both friend and foe!
Slong Coven Icon Int selected
File:Rhys.png Rhys Crew Icon Str selected
File:Ross.png Ross Crew Icon Str selected
File:Sam.png Sam Crew Icon Str selected
File:Saxon.png Saxon Brigade Icon Int selected
Shelley Unaffiliated Icon Str selected
File:Tom.png Tom Crew Icon Agi selected
File:Will.png Will Brigade Icon Int selected
Windle Unaffiliated Icon Str selected

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