The Matthews
The Matthews
Jarrett's Brigade
Icon Str
14 + 1.3
Icon Agi selected
21 + 2.5
Icon Int
20 + 2.1
Level 1 16 25
Hit Points 416 815 1385
Mana 260 689 1170
Damage 30-40 69-79 110-120
Armor 1 6.53 12.2
Attacks / Second 0.71 0.94 1.18
Movement Speed 330
Turn Rate 0.3
Sight Range 2000/1000
Attack Range 700
Missile Speed 950
Attack Duration 0.7 + 0.9
Cast Duration 0.5 + 1.2
Base Attack Time 1.7

The Matthews, Dynamic Duo, are ranged Agility heroes that fight for Jarrett's Brigade.


The Matthews, Dynamic Duo
'You've been mugged off!'
Role: Nuker / Disabler
Lore: Not many things can confuse the High Lord Jarrett, and yet the Matthews are the one thing that can. Not from our dimension, they are in fact a collective consciousness that merely manifests itself as two human-like beings. And then chucked in a pedal car for the lulz.


Switcheroo (Miseman)

Ability Affects Damage
Toggle Self N/A
Miseman always was the smarter of the two.

Switcheroo (Minelli)

Ability Affects Damage
Toggle Self N/A
Minelli is by far the most ferocious of the pair.

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